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Maximising Efficiency

This project involved moving and reorganising plant equipment in the factory to maximise their work flow and space. The ultimate challenge with such exercises is to minimise disruption to production programmes.  We were on site for 2 weeks with varying levels of personnel depending on the programme of works for that day.   We dealt with repairs, alterations, incorporated planned maintenance where possible and completed sign off on all the electrical and mechanical work.
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School Refurbishment

The rewards and benefits of this work will be felt for many years!  Here over the summer holidays we transformed an outdated science facility with failing equipment and drab environment into a welcoming and inspiring learning space.
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Strong Foundations

It is not just a company’s approach to the big projects that is important, it is their approach to everything.    Here we needed to provide a suitable permanent site for external AC units.  The area was cleared and prepared before laying a reinforced concrete base.
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Lighting the Way

Employees and visitors need to feel cared for and safe when at your premises.  Here a client had recognised 2 issues with the car park lights which were expensive to run and did not provide bright enough light to the area for visitors and  staff (who were reluctant to walk out to their cars alone late at night) especially in the winter months.  By using the  latest energy efficient lighting Signum FM  improved both the comfort and safety of the car park for all users whilst bringing cost efficiencies too.
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Planned Maintenance

Here is a melted condensate trap on an oil boiler that hadn’t been regularly serviced. When your plant is looked after on a planned maintenance contracts you reduce these annoying emergencies which cost you downtime. Boilers always are more expensive to fix than look after on a regular basis.
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