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Posted: June 29, 2020

In our latest blog, our managing director, Jill Wood, gives her reaction to the relaxation of lockdown measure which were recently announced and what it means for Signum and its customers.

As a business who has remained operational throughout the pandemic, we have had to adapt our working processes several times.  We have seen different iterations of the ‘how to work safely’ guidance throughout the pandemic – some of which have been conflicting at times – so it is reassuring to see that we now have really clear advice to get more businesses back to where they should be.

AsJill Wood Signum facilties management we move to a new normal, we all have a responsibility to ensure that we are taking the practical steps necessary for our employees and stakeholders to feel safe at work. Our experiences have been unique and we need to be mindful of that when we are encouraging the return to work. It’s reassuring that the guidance is accessible to everyone and it’s clear that it helps to facilitate discussion between employers and employees in preparation for coming back into the work environment.

I think for some businesses who have been reviewing the guidance over recent weeks, it has felt that the elements needed to make the workplace safe could be quite costly but in reality a lot of the measures are simple and easy to implement such as changing working hours and using kitchen facilities.  Ventilation has been a huge concern for some of our clients and the guidance has been evolving during the past few months particularly around the use of air conditioning systems. The HSE published their latest guidance on Tuesday morning and it’s for businesses to see at a glance what they should put in place.

I’m really interested what difference the 1m plus rule makes, I think there are many who will approach with caution but for others it will give them the boost they need to operate at a capacity which puts them back in business.

It certainly feels like we are on the road to recovery, but we can’t get complacent, businesses are adapting quickly and our milestones are getting bigger each time.  One thing that has struck me during this time is the sense of community there has been with businesses working together to help each other through a situation we will probably never experience again in our lifetime.

 If you’d like to discuss your facilities management in light of the latest Covid-19 government guidance, please call our team on 01302 340 695.

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