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    All the mechanical engineers at Signum FM recognise the importance of safety and reliability in mechanical systems, and we will always recommend the most appropriate systems and maintenance routine for every client. We always consider the total cost of ownership and likely impact of equipment choices on your future building services budgets, allowing you to introduce more cost-effective solutions.

    Our full range of mechanical services include everything from heating and cooling systems to gas and water systems, from leaking pipes to integrated building management systems (BMS).

    Whatever you require, our expert team can design, install and service all mechanical building services, ensuring your workplace or public building is always a safe and comfortable environment.

    All of our gas work is carried out by Gas Registered companies and our Gas Safety registration number is: 569064.

    Signum Mechanical offers our services throughout Doncaster, South Yorkshire and the UK. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any planned maintenance contracts or projects.