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    Advice From Our Gas Safe Engineers During Gas Safety Week

    Unsafe gas appliances can put your building at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions.

    Our Gas Safe accredited engineers have created a few simple tips to help organisations stay gas safe.

    Don’t Block Vents

    Over 200 people in the UK suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

    Keeping your vents clear could save lives.

    Our Gas Safe engineers can regularly assess the condition of your building’s ventilation.

    Look for Warning Signs

    31% of UK engineers discover unsafe gas appliances in the commercial sector every month.

    Yellow flames and sooty stains suggest your gas appliance is unsafe.

    Our Gas Safe experts can identify these issues ahead of time and repair or replace any necessary appliances.

    Get a Gas Safety Check

    Commercial businesses are legally required to have an annual gas safety check.

    Without one, companies risk not only costly but also fatal consequences.

    Our Gas Safe engineers can do a gas safety check to ensure complete safety of your building.

    Do you require a Gas Safety certificate or is your boiler due for a service soon?

    Contact us today to see how our Gas Safe engineers can help.