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    Don’t Forget The Importance Of Mechanical Servicing

    Matthew Johnson, heating engineer at Signum FM, shares his expert advice on why mechanical servicing is paramount to minimising any potential issues that could crop up over time and wear and tear.

    Maintenance on plant and equipment is carried out to prevent problems arising, to put faults right, and to ensure equipment is working effectively and safely. This is essential to keep you and your team safe and to keep processes in your business running exactly as they should be.

    Some of the tangible benefits involved in a regular maintenance plan for all your HVAC and associated mechanical equipment include the following.

    1. Lower energy bills

    A poorly functioning system results in higher energy bills. If the system is not running at peak efficiency, it will take more and more energy to heat, cool or ventilate your premises to the level at which you feel comfortable. Planned upkeep on your HVAC system means lower energy costs because a well-maintained system reduces energy usage and ultimately reduces carbon emissions.

    2. Fewer repair bills

    All HVAC and associated mechanical systems, even the very best ones, will occasionally have problems. Planned maintenance, however, means fewer repairs because our qualified engineers will spot them ahead of time. It makes much more sense to replace a worn part before they cause severe problems and costly repairs.

    3. Avoid catastrophes

    A regular maintenance plan reduces the chances of a catastrophic failure. It is also a savvy financial decision. The cost of a proper maintenance plan reduces the likelihood that you will pay much more for an emergency fix.

    4. Equipment lasts longer

    Regular maintenance keeps your equipment in tip top condition, ultimately ensuring it will last longer, and reduces the likelihood you will need to replace whole systems after only a few years.

    5. Better air quality

    During the past year this cannot be anymore important. Your entire workforce will breathe more  easily and feel healthier when you remove particles of dust and reduce airborne germ transmission. Indoor air quality is particularly vital if anyone in your business has asthma or allergies.

    6. Keeping you and your employees safe

    If an HVAC system has a problem, it may not only result in costly repairs, but it could also endanger yourself and your staff. The hazards posed by HVAC equipment can be very high with a deadly mix of gas, electricity and water, but dealt with by professional engineers, these risks can be all but eliminated. A regular maintenance plan keeps your equipment running smoothly and offers greater protection against risk.

    How can we help?
    Our team is able to coordinate the needs of your equipment into a planned maintenance schedule taking away any stress and managing your systems professionally according to industry regulations.

    All manufacturers recommend that their equipment is inspected and serviced annually or more depending on the usage.

    Signum Facilities Management are here to help you achieve your goal. For more information, please call our team on 01302 340 695.