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    Matthew Invests In His Career

    We value all our staff here at Signum and are always looking to support them in their careers with a variety of training and development opportunities. Here, our heating engineer, Matthew Johnson, gives us an insight into a diploma he has recently started in customer service.

    Doing the work I do as a heating engineer, I have to learn and research new things almost daily but it generally revolves around my skill which is hands on and I was keen to demonstrate that my skills extended further than that.

    So, I decided to embark on a diploma in customer service which is an online course with The Growth Company that involves worksheets and self research tasks and regular zoom calls to catch up. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it because it is important to me that I prove that I still have the ability to better myself academically.

    Wide ranging topics

    The core modules cover a range of topics including personal development, customer service principles, customers, feedback, complaint, teamwork, understanding business and legislation so it’s quite wide ranging.

    I have also had to choose two topics and complete a short course on each. I chose awareness of mental health, well-being and mental ill health because I have suffered with my own mental health issues before and whilst I have worked hard to better myself I feel there is always room to improve myself and my knowledge of others.

    I also selected the appraisals topic because I know this will help me with my performance in my work, enhancing my ability to analyse, review and alter what I may be doing wrong but ultimately to help other people with improvement.

    Understanding our customers

    Overall, I expect to gain a better outlook on business from the perspective of the customer which will in turn help me to provide a better service and build stronger relationships with the team around me. I also hope that I can change myself and my own outlook due to the nature of the course and what it covers.

    Being able to work on and develop myself with the future in mind is imperative. Having a goal or target to aim for gives me a sense of purpose and the drive to want more from myself.

    Learning new skills and ways of thinking also helps me to view the world from a different standpoint and ultimately do better in my career.
    I’m really pleased Signum have supported me to do this diploma as I think it will help me enhance my skills and improve my current work with the company and the service we provide.