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    Meet the Team – Matthew Johnson

    Matt has been at Signum FM for over 2 and a half years.

    He joined Signum FM as a Heating Engineer with extensive experience in the FM industry as well as other trades.

    During his time here, he’s gained numerous qualifications and experience in air conditioning, customer service, backflow prevention, and site management, to name a few.

    Favourite part about working for Signum FM

    The main benefit of working at Signum FM for Matt is the family values that he receives from every member of staff, especially from those in higher positions.

    Secrets to Signum FM’s success

    He believes that Signum FM has always maintained a friendly and approachable tone.

    This aligns with Matt’s values, making it easy for him to continue and expand on his capabilities since he joined.

    Matt says the respect he receives from our loyal client base shows that the secret is working.

    Spare time activities

    Matt loves spending time with family and friends, as well as being outdoors whenever possible, whether it’s mountain biking, walking, or camping.

    He also recently joined the gym after a few years absent and tries to go as much as he can.