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    Why Great Procurement Is Essential For Net Zero

    In our guest blog, Linda Spencer, MD of local business energy consultancy, Professional Energy Purchasing, discusses how energy procurement has a crucial role to play in delivering better energy management and important net zero goals.

    Buying energy and planning for net zero can feel like a daunting task, with many unsure where to start. We help businesses to secure the best procurement contracts to meet their objectives, reduce their energy through data analysis and efficiency audits, and plan to achieve net zero carbon.

    With energy prices soaring reaching levels not seen for years, businesses need to have a well-considered energy plan in place.  Many of our clients are moving away from traditional fixed-term contracts which would lock them in at these current high rates, to more flexible dynamic contracts which spreads their risk.

    When businesses are looking to reduce their energy use, they need to ensure this is co-ordinated with existing contract terms. Take or pay contracts will charge for the forecast power whether it is used or not which could be significant and may impact on any payback periods.

    Having solid data which explains how much energy is used, and where and when it is used is essential for a clear actionable plan.  We can generate reports to help to identify savings opportunities, allow you to set realistic targets and measure success.

    Having a detailed energy audit will pinpoint additional energy saving opportunities across site(s) to provide a robust, costed plan which the business use as the foundation of a net zero plan.

    And finally we can offer electricity from zero-carbon sources which has become much more accessible over the last few years.

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