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    Why Maintenance and Statutory Testing can’t be Cut

    As cost pressures rise across the board, employing a facilities management company like Signum FM can be more beneficial for businesses than ever.

    In the current uncertain economic climate, it is natural that businesses are starting to focus on cost savings and services that can be cut from their budget.

    With the pressure they are under, this may evolve from getting rid of non-essential, ‘nice to have’ services, to reducing core business needs.

    While it may be tempting to dispense with them for a short-term boost to the bottom line, cutting preventative maintenance measures will increase costs in the long run.

    Regular maintenance and testing are even more important for items that legally require it. For example, you can’t cut back on something like gas boiler maintenance, which legally needs a gas safety check annually.

    Not only is it breaking the law if you don’t have this test every year, but it is also likely to be much more expensive in the long run. It is far more cost effective to replace a few cheap components each year than have those parts break and face a big bill for a new boiler.

    At Signum FM, we have an extensive experience of companies regularly calling for reactive maintenance issues. We recommend a proactive preventative maintenance plan, but not all companies want one.

    With a regular service, essential items like boilers and air conditioning units are less likely to break.

    It is also crucial that organisations know their place of business is running as efficiently as possible. With energy costs rising, our experts can advise on how to use less energy and reduce your bills.

    We take an overall, holistic view of your business, which is more valuable than taking on a group of individual contractors for each element.

    A boiler contractor will just look at the boiler, whereas our facilities management team will look at the boiler as part of the whole building. I

    Signum FM provide expert advice, support, and peace of mind. We also save businesses money and time in the long run.

    Employing a facilities management company is an investment now. But it is one that will pay off in the future.