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    Why Use A Facilities Management Company

    When it comes to your business, it’s essential to put time and energy into your company’s core activities to ensure they’re the best they can be. And that’s why we believe that outsourcing your planned and reactive maintenance is so beneficial, so that you can trust that it’s taken care of and focus on your services.

    Those core activities are vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of a company, and that’s why here at Signum Facilities Management we know that outsourcing is the answer. Allowing a knowledgeable company with specialist skills and expertise to look after your daily operations frees up your time to concentrate on what’s of utmost importance – your customers, services and values.

    This really can offer a much needed competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

    Here we outline just a few of the advantages of enlisting the help of a facilities management company.

    Cost saving

    When it comes down to it, cost is always paramount in a company’s decision making process. And aside from salaries, occupancy costs are the second highest costs to any company. That’s why it makes sense to manage those costs professionally which is more financially efficient in the long term. Get it done correctly, first time, by professionals.

    Core business

    The core activities of your business should take first priority. Allowing your resources to be focused on the fundamentals – your customers, services and values – means that you already setting the business up for success. It makes less business sense then, to dilute resources by conducting operations that your company doesn’t specialise in.

    Best practice

    Best practice is continually evolving in every sector, but particularly for facilities management. Companies in this sector are required to deliver a best practice system which means they can offer a premium performance to a buyer, very efficiently. What does this mean for you? That if you outsource, your facilities management company will be up to date on all legalisation and guidance so you can rest assured and eliminate those heavy investment costs.

    Optimise your in-house employees

    A brilliant advantage of the financial savings that can be made by outsourcing to a facilities management company is that they can be reinvested into your workforce. Enhance the skills of your employees and their business potential while also building staff retention by simply enabling your maintenance operations to be handled by professionals.

    Personnel retention

    A comfortable, safe and inspiring work environment results in motivated and productive staff, which is invaluable. It’s essential that a company can see the true potential of its employees, help them grow and also attract talent in the industry. A smooth-running workspace is a crucial component for this.


    Safety in the workplace is a non-negotiable in today’s world, and as we all know, these standards are continually developing and employees rightly expect that companies meet them. Safety is key for any business and outsourcing to a facilities management company ensures that safety is never compromised.

    All these benefits for recruiting a facilities management company are being utilised by those companies who know that asking the professionals is the right step for longevity in their business. Don’t get left behind!

    Signum Facilities Management are here to help you achieve your goal. For more information, please call our team on 01302 340 695