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    Vital Repairs to Protect Highly Prized Stock

    Whether at home or your place of work, no one likes a leak. is one of the UK’s leading online electrical retailers with four million registered customers and 250 employees.

    From the company’s purpose-built distribution facility in Howden, East Yorkshire, more than 20,000 weekly orders are delivered to customers throughout the country.

    But, for several years, the roof of the state-of-the-art warehouse had leaked.

    The incoming water threatened Ebuyer’s high-value stock including everything from TVs and laptops, to gaming PCs and digital cameras, from leading brands.

    The company tried patch repairs, but the solutions were temporary and didn’t last. They needed a permanent fix to guarantee the gutters were watertight for the foreseeable future.

    Signum FM has worked with Ebuyer for about three years and we immediately set to work on a solid solution that would protect their stock.

    We prepared 628 linear metres of gutter run and drainage outlet for repair. Our experts applied a Sikalastic fibreglass matting and topcoat to create a watertight seal. We only source products from top-quality manufacturers and Sikalastic-625 is a fast-curing two-part roofing system with a 20-year guarantee.

    The gutter and drainage outlets were fully repaired and we will carry out regular maintenance and controlling access to the roof to ensure the installation lasts.

    Jill Wood, Managing Director at Signum FM, said: “We were pleased to work with Ebuyer to repair their leaking roof and provide peace of mind that their valuable products will be protected.

    “This is a good example of something that can start as a small problem but, left unattended or without an adequate fix, it can quickly become a major issue.

    “Our team has many years of experience providing lasting solutions to everything from roof leaks to major building refurbishment and project management. For Signum FM, there is no job too small so if your organisation has a maintenance issue that requires attention, give us a call.”

    Amber Smith, Sales Director at, said: “Over the three years we’ve been working with Signum they have taken the time to understand our site, resources and challenges.

    “They have helped us with a few different projects, the main one being the roof which was an important issue we needed to resolve.

    “Working with Signum is always smooth and easy – you ask them to look at a project, they come to site and give you a quote, Jill is on hand for any issues, and then it’s sorted. I would definitely recommend Signum to other businesses.”


    Ebuyer Roof - BeforeEbuyer Roof After Repair