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Posted: February 2, 2020

Maintenance of Toilets, Urinals and pipework to Prevent Uric Acid Problems

A problem with the loos goes on the urgent and priority list when it arises and generally lands on the Facility Manager’s desk on the busiest day.

Every visitor expects a clean, working and at the very minimum, non-eventful trip to the toilet. It is a known fact that when visitors are met with stains and/or odour 75% of them believe the facility is unsanitary and dirty, despite the very best cleaning regime. Unwelcoming urinal smells are just impossible to mask, and the stains are just a no-no – that certain smell given off by Uric Acid that cannot be tamed is a warning of trouble ahead. So make sure inspecting your urinals, toilets and associated pipework is on your planned maintenance schedule.

In lesser used areas of your premises, or after a break such as Christmas or annual shutdown it is worth asking the cleaners to make sure they regularly flush the urinals as part of their rota of jobs, ideally pouring extra water down each urinal and flushing the toilets, the water needs to be kept moving to prevent crystallisation and blockages. The one thing about a Uric Acid blockage problem is that you will know it is manifesting, if your cleaners (and visitors) are challenged with the smells of the urinal the source of the smell will be down to uric acid crystals. Removing or masking the smell is impossible If you get “that smell” and cannot clear it, it is a sign that the pipes have become blocked.

Urine waste congeals into a horrible, smelly jelly which converts to hard crystallisation and is extremely hard to remove. It clogs up waste pipes like a dam. With modern water saving flush systems, if the building is unoccupied for any length of time e.g. holidays etc then the traps and waste pipes can block up and smell as there is too little water flushing through. Uric Acid also creates unsightly staining and off-colour blemishes on porous surfaces and with a poor cleaning regime can permanently burn and damage tile work, grouting and flooring.

With regards to health and safety, it goes without saying but do watch your health when investigating any urinal problems, as well as any matter you find being extremely unpleasant, they carry nasty diseases so don’t start any investigation unprepared. We have set procedures to protect our workforce and yours! It is a classic case of prevention is way better than the problem and remedial cost of the cure. Including the servicing and upkeep of your toilets and urinals in your pre planned maintenance work would save many of the problems arising from the toilets and keep your manager’s day clear for more pressing needs.

What freedom and peace of mind would having a hard facilities management provider just an hour away give you and your team. At Signum we specialise in Hard FM. We run our own in house team, statutory accreditations & are supported by a responsive, reliable network of skilled contractors. We guarantee 2 named key contacts, agreed KPIs, full visibility & communication. I would be delighted to speak to you to see if we are the right fit for your business, call me at the office in Doncaster on 01302 340695 or email me at

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